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Erica Freas "Patient Ones" 12"

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Patient Ones is the Don Giovanni Records debut LP by songwriter, Erica Freas.

Freas has spent much of the last decade touring and performing as a singer and guitarist in the Olympia, Washington-based punk band, RVIVR. On Patient Ones, Freas is a solo artist, operating at a lower volume with an acoustic guitar and minimal accompaniment from cellist Jen Grady. The music is pared down and raw, revealing a skillful guitarist unafraid to tread into dark waters with her lyrics.

If you have followed Freas’ work, you will recognize sparse arrangements of songs which have previously appeared in anthemic form in RVIVR (“Goodbyes”) and her dream-inspired collaborative project, SOMNIA (“Silver”). Possessing dynamic and lyrical variations, her songwriting is presented from a different angle, creating a compliment to the full-band versions.

In 2007, Freas founded Rumbletowne Records, which has, up to this point, released all of her music, whether solo, as a member of RVIVR, or in SOMNIA. She’s been an outspoken advocate on the mic and in interviews for the visibility of women, queer, trans and otherwise underrepresented identities in music, production, and performance.Freas continues to adapt this conversation through touring punk and underground music scenes around the world, having played successful shows on five out of seven continents with more tours stretching into the indefinite future.

1. Moon
2. Silver
3. The Sea Around Us
4. Like Weather
5. The Dirt
6. Patient Ones
7. Sun
8. Harriet
9. Goodbyes
10. Please Go Walk In The Rain
11. Quinn
12. City

Voice & Guitar : Erica Freas
Cello : Jen Grady
Choral Arrangement : Lindsay Scheif
The Patient Ones Choir : Colin Ashante, Don Freas, Ethan Camp, Jack Gray, Jemmy Joe, Julian Gomes, Matt Buscher, M Sather, Paris McClusky, River Nason, Sam Kates-Goldman

Written by Erica Freas

Recorded and Mixed at Neanderhall Recording Studio, Olympia, WA, USA by Matt Buscher. May 2016.
Mastered by Carl Saff

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