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Fat Tony "10,000 Hours" CD

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10,000 Hours is the fifth full-length by Houston-bred rapper, Fat Tony. The album was recorded in Los Angeles throughout 2018 and produced by Tony’s longtime friend, HevIn. “The album title is about where I am in my career,” says Tony. “I’m not a novice. I’ve dedicated a decade in my life to doing this.” If you need proof, look no further than the haggard looking selfie that adorns the record cover, which was snapped following an all-night mix session. It’s Tony’s most personal work to date -- unguarded, but frequently light-hearted -- conceived in the company of his closest friends.

1. Through The Storm [Prod. by GLDN_EYE (Tom Cruz), Hevln, Ceci G]
2. 10,000 Hours [Prod. by Hevln]
3. No Beef [Prod. by Hevln]
4. Charles [Prod. by Hevln]
5. You Like It, I Love It [Prod. by Charles Moon, Hevln]
6. Poet Laureate (feat. Cadence Weapon) [Prod. by Hevln, taydex]
7. Got It Out The Mud [Prod. by Hevln]
8. Texas [Prod. by Hevln]
9. Rumors [Prod. by Nate Donmoyer]
10. Dream House [Prod. by Grey Goon, Hevln]
11. Nike [Prod. by Hevln]
12. No Features (feat. Amindi K. Fro$t) [Prod. by Hevln]
13. Been Waiting [Prod. by Hevln]
14. Best Life (feat. Maal A Goomba) [Prod. by Hevln]

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