For Science

For Science "Revenge For Hire" CD

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For Science’s debut LP; seventeen fast hits of sharp, snappy pop punk that somehow managed to work. No one remembers who actually played bass on the thing anymore, there are some lyrics on there that no one even knew at the time of recording, and John was too lazy to look up the actual track times when making the labels so he just guessed, but we think the record is perfect. Recorded by Chris Pierce. Artwork by Lauren Denitzio.

1. Leeloo
2. Brains Vs. Balls
3. Blackout Blue
4. Multi-Life
5. Love Batteries
6. In The Movies
7. Kirsten Dunst
8. Upgrade To Poison
9. Bags
10. Colorado
11. Nothing Constant
12. Round Me
13. Ribbons
14. Shut Up Cindy
15. Tara
16. Fenway Lights
17. Schoolboy

Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy
Mastered by Joe Steinhardt

Artwork by Lauren Denitzio
Layout by Joe Steinhardt and John Slover

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