For Science

For Science "Tomorrow's Just Another Day" CD

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The second For Science full-length, featuring twelve tracks with some of the band’s more eclectic tastes, their best lyrics, and a more snarly vocal delivery. “Sometimes I don’t think I need anything more than a color TV and a mattress on the floor / sometimes I want to throw everything else away,” sings Slover on “Headaches.” Recorded with Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy. The band had this plan to get some children to sing as a backup chorus on a few songs on the record but couldn’t find any. Then Slover showed up the day of the recording and told everyone “Guys, I found some children.” He actually did, too.


1. Even
2. Much Too Much
3. Tip of the Iceberg
4. Living Well
5. Headaches
6. Heavy Blues
7. Hibernation
8. The Last Word
9. Wisdom Teeth
10. East of E
11. A Rage Against Heaven
12. Hearts Bound to Die


Recorded by Chris Pierce at Technical Ecstasy
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side

Artwork and Layout by Jared Jones

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