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Giant Peach "Tarantula" 12"

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Giant peach is the natural extension of the early and disparate solo bedroom projects of Frances Chang and Mike Naideau.

Upon meeting in 2008, their guitar-driven efforts began to merge, though the idiosyncrasies of each were so undiluted and divergent that they seemed to repel like oil and water. But, they found that each added hues unnatural to the other’s spectrum. And as they continued to grow up together their long histories of musical influences bled into one.

Never aiming to be any “kind” of band, GP’s noisy and emotional music flowed naturally from the quality of the time. With the early addition of drummer David Shotwell and more recent Luke Holstein on bass, the group utilized the stark aesthetic polarities existent between its members to pen a new slew of dense and specific songs realized through elongated moments of tension.

Tarantula is the first full length release from the current four-piece. A crystallized feeling of swimming upstream in an attempt to fulfill the potential of what has yet come to be… a collection of watery and distorted rock that falls somewhere between the compressed scream of Husker Du and the contemplative hum of Helium.

1. your blood
3. deserted
4. unintentional
5. spike
6. invisible ceiling
7. breaking glass statues
8. fight
9. the end
10. better off at sea

Recorded and mixed by Chuck Betz in Huntington and Brooklyn, NY

Songs played by Mike, Fran, Luke and Dave

Cover photo by Harold Naideau

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