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Izzy True "Nope" 12"

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Nope is Izzy True’s first full length release. In 2012, Isabel dropped out of school and moved home to deal with mental illness. The record was born out of that experience, and the desire for a cathartic and joyful way to combat those issues. Isabel says of the direction of the album “I’ve always played weepy, sad sack stuff. I mean I still do, but I consciously started to write songs that would be fun to see live, that would make me feel like a powerful guitar guy. I felt terrible, and playing sad songs all the time didn’t help. I was trying to manifest something else.” The end result is a rock and roll album which makes space for misery. Nope is about magic, loneliness, and learning to like yourself.

“This band has been incredibly healing for me,” says Isabel. “My bandmates are my best friends…I hope that some of that love comes through on the album.”

1. Mr. Romance
2. Gwam Gwam Gwam
3. Which Wish
4. Jamie
5. New Age
6. Total Body Erasure
7. Deep Dark
8. Sex Ghost
9. Coffee Maker
10. Cruel Kings II
11. Nope

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