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Jody Stecher "Mile 77" CD

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Jody Stecher continues his long colorful musical career with a new bluegrass-style album featuring 8 of his own songs plus 4 old favorites
that are given a bluegrass setting. Jody’s music has strong traditional “old school” elements so it might surprise some that his first choice for support musicians was Mile Twelve which calls itself a “modern string band”. They recorded together just after Jody’s 77th birthday. It was a perfect fit.

Bluegrass Unlimited founder Pete Kuykendall, moved by Jody’s emotive singing, gave him the nickname “Instant Lonesome”. Such singing is
plentiful on Mile 77 along with duet, trio and quartet harmonies from the members of the band, and memorable instrumental solos and backup.

1. Geronimo’s Cadillac
2. When The Wind Comes Up
3. The Weight Of The Years
4. Jones Mill
5. Kaiser Bill
6. The Only Sunshine
7. John-John
8. Hannahmariah
9. How Sweet I Roamed
10. On The Way To Gettin’ There / The 7th Pterodactyl
11. Second Sail
12. Hoppin’ John

Jody Stecher vocals, guitar
Ella Jordan vocals, fiddle
Evan Murphy vocals, guitar
Nate Sabat vocals, bass
BB Bowness banjo
Korey Brodsky mandolin

Release date: December 1, 2023

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