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Kari Faux "Lowkey Superstar (Deluxe)" CD

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Lowkey Superstar represents a new chapter along Kari Faux’s creative journey. What started as a phrase has turned into two independent albums, a record label, clothing line and identity representative of Kari’s innate superstar qualities mixed with her lowkey demeanor. The Lowkey Superstar Deluxe album is a sonic conglomeration of Kari’s longtime influences, including funk, alternative, and southern rap soundscapes and covers a range of topics from self-preservation to dating to braggadocious raps.

01. While God Was Sleepin’... (Remix) (feat. J.I.D)
02. StickUP! (Remix) (feat. Jazz Cartier)
03. Skit
04. McGrady
05. Actors, Rappers & Wrestlers
06. Freakin’ N’ Ballin’ (An Ode to Big Corey)
07. Look @ That (Remix) (feat. Yung Baby Tate)
08. Chattin’ Shit
09. Mo’ Liquor (feat. Smino)
10. Trouble
11. Too Much Too Fast (feat. Deante' Hitchcock)
12. Rapunzel

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