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Keith Secola "Portals" CD

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Portals is an ambience album at the intersection of blended sounds. Earth, native flute, guitars, bass, drums, and percussion were used to record the music on this album. Portal is a connection to the other side. A bridge you can cross only if you promise not to look down. Notes are shaped into waves, conjugations of sound. Cosmic music echos, coaxing pitch, dragging stars, rhythm of the angels. Take a ride while guitars cling to form. Songs of the moon relax your mind, soul journey through Belt of the Pleiades, portal of birth. What is the key of the waters, night creatures, spin of the Earth? What do the birds sing? Uncertainties certain to be known interspecies communication will teach us this knowledge. Through the portal of understanding is a rite of togetherness. I will hold what you give me in the highest honor; this is the meaning of thank you, miigwech

1. Eastern Glow
2. Arne's Theme
3. Intaglio
4. K-hop
5. Portals
6. Seeds
7. Spanish Guitar
8. Spirit Journey
9. Survivia
10. The Spin of the Earth
11. Traveler's Song
12. Waves of Gitchi Gumi

Steve Martinetti - keyboard and piano on the track Seeds and Traveler’s Song.

Yasmin Brewer on piano and studio engineer on the song, Survivia, recorded at her studio in Washburn, WI.

Songs for Portals were recorded on garage band in Tempe, Minneapolis, Grand Marias, Coon Rapids, MN. Thanks to my family, Patricia, Margueritte, Keith, Nokose, Ayo, Micco. My brother Gary and sisters, Val, Charmaine, Sharon, and Cheryl. Brian Kemp.

Design/Art/Layout – Keith Michael Secola

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