Laura Stevenson

Laura Stevenson "Sit Resist" CD

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“Sit Resist, is remarkable. It is unafraid of the darkness, and allows itself to be playful-- the lyrics are tender, honest, inviting you into a vulnerable place but quelling the vulnerability with candid, gentle testaments of living drawn from a deep well of experience.”  Julien Baker

“Laura’s records are full of the sensitivity and awareness that are her particular magic… She is one of my favorite writers because she is clearly a listener, listening to herself and clearing a path for the songs to go where they want to go.”  Lucy Dacus

“This record is a great document of a bunch of scrappy weird kids laughing through the terror of an uncertain future together. Sit Resist would be THE ONE if Laura didn’t continue to put out records that feel like THE ONE.”  Jeff Rosenstock

1. Halloween Pts. 1 & 2
2. Master Of Art
3. Caretaker
4. The Healthy One
5. Finish Piece
6. Peachy
7. 8:08
8. Red Clay Roots
9. Barnacles
10. Montauk Monster
11. The Wait
12. The Weight
13. I See Dark


Recorded by Eric Bennet at Hunt Studio

Artwork and layout by Jeff Rosenstock
Mastered by Tom Ruff

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