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Liz Pelly "P.S. Eliot: 2007-2011" Zine

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P.S. Eliot 2007 - 2011: An Oral History is the 75-page zine published to accompany the band's 2016 double-disc discography compilation. Featuring 24 interviews with members P.S. Eliot, Cheeky, Screaming Females, Hop Along, The So So Glos, and more, the oral history tells the story of the band's beginnings, recordings, and tours. "Their story is one of Southern teen feminist outsiders coming into their own personal politics, learning to speak out, leaving their hometown, and finding their community," writes Liz Pelly in the introduction. "It is a story of how all-ages community art spaces can open doors for young people. How male-dominated hardcore scenes can be truly oppressive, but finding it within yourself to push back can be life-changing. How failed first tours can be platforms for self-education." A must-read for superfans of P.S. Eliot, Waxahatchee, and Swearin that will also generally interest anyone who loves to read about feminist punk communities, DIY micro scenes, teen rockers, or the all-ages movement.

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