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Mourning [A] BLKstar "The Cycle" CD

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The Cycle is the fifth album by Mourning [A] BLKstar. It’s the Cleveland-based collective’s masterwork -- a double LP spanning 20 songs and three singers, touching on neo-soul, hip-hop, and the cosmic expanse in between/beyond. It is a humble addition to the long legacy of James Baldwin’s adage of the artist as witness. It is their song cycle, written in a time that just may need a song or two in support of and in love and power to the living.

1. If I Can If I May
2. Sense Of An Ending
3. Something JD Said
4. Deluze (Solange Say Remix)
5. Mist :: Missed
6. Interlude (Where They At?)
7. The Wants
8. Debtors
9. Devil Get Behind Me (Intro)
10. Devil Get Behind Me
11. So Young So
12. Been Around
13. Hard (Stars Remix)
14. Be
15. Whom The Bell Tolls
16. The Box
17. Holds
18. 4 Days

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