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Painted Zeros "When You Found Forever" 12"

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At once ethereal and angry, When You Found Forever is the sophomore full-length by Brooklyn, NY’s Painted Zeros. It's a set of songs that balances anger and exuberance -- biting words delivered via breathy melodies. When the words run out, a guitar lead is often on hand to bring the message home. Painted Zeros has been the writing, recording, and performing outlet for Katie Lau since she released her first EP '"Svalbard" in 2014. A Brooklyn-based sound engineer by night, her songs blend her love of punk and the raw fuzz of shoegaze with the melodic imperative of indie pop. When You Found Forever will be out May 29 on Don Giovanni Records.

1. How We Can Be
2. Fuck My Life
3. Break
4. Missing Trains
5. How Much Do I Hate
6. Commuter Rage
7. Glass Threads
8. I Will Try
9. November Snow
10. In My End

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