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The newly remastered RVIVR s/t (2010) is the Don Giovanni debut collaboration with RVIVR.

Olympia WA, USA's RVIVR has been relentlessly touring the planet for the better part of the past decade. They've played sweaty, inspired DIY shows across North & South America, Asia, Australia & Europe and have released eight records since 2009.

They're known for their genre-bending catchiness, earnest, irresistible dual vocals, and their outspoken desire for inclusion and accessibility at their shows. Especially advocating for women, queer and trans access to the stage and the show space.

RVIVR have a sparse internet presence and have done all this without the use of agents or managers, in collaboration with a network of underground punk rock scenes from around the world.

Founded in 2008 by Mattie Jo Canino (guitar/voice), Erica Freas (guitar/voice) and Kevin Rainsberry (drums), RVIVR loves to play punk rock and is pretty good at it.

1. Rain Down
2. Edge of Living
3. Breathe Out
4. Real Mean
5. Cut the Cord
6. Grandma
7. Life & Death
8. Animal Hands
9. Cold in Your Bones
10. Pause
11. Breathe In
12. Change on Me

Recorded by the Magnificent Phil Douglas of Huntington Station, Long Island, New York in two weeks (which were too short) in February 2010 at PUNKALL in Olympia, WA.

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