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Screaming Females "Live At The Hideout" 2x12"

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Near death experiences make extraordinary records.

On their way to recording “Live at the Hideout”, Screaming Females lost control of their van. As they slid backwards down the frozen Interstate, they locked eyes with another driver, headed their way. In a blink, a semi-truck smashed into her minivan. Luckily, everyone survived, and the band made it to Chicago, with a sense of urgency that dominated bedroom-sized venue, The Hideout, for 2 nights of sold out shows.

Unlike a cellphone-uploaded YouTube video, “Live at The Hideout” is a lasting document that asserts Screaming Females as one of the best live bands of our time. To ensure a professional representation of their raw live sound, Screaming Females enlisted engineers, Steve Albini and Timothy Powell—who spent those 2 nights in Powell’s “Metro Mobile” truck (a control room on wheels), which was parked in a snow-covered alley, behind The Hideout.

This album is not simply raucous-sounding versions of old songs; it is an illustration of how 900+ live shows, and the roads in between, can morph songs into something entirely new. Whether it’s a 7-minute improvisation of “Lights Out” (typically a 4-minute track) or, a freak-out during “Boyfriend”—like roaring frontwoman, Marissa Paternoster, crowd surfing with blood running down her chin—the evolution of sound is evident. 9 years in the making, “Live at The Hideout” captures something immediate.

1. MC Intro
2. Leave It All Up To Me (Live)
3. Foul Mouth (Live)
4. Buried In The Nude (Live)
5. Extinction (Live)
6. A New Kid (Live)
7. Lights Out (Live)
8. Sheep (Live)
9. It All Means Nothing (Live)
10. Starve The Beat (Live)
11. Little Anne (Live)
12. Pretty Okay (Live)
13. Baby Jesus (Live)
14. Boyfriend (Live)

Words and music by Screaming Females. Recorded live at The Hideout (Chicago, IL) by Steve Albini. Mastered by Carl Saff.

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