The Holy Modal Rounders

The Holy Modal Rounders "Indian War Whoop" CD

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"Some people think this record is unlistenable, while others consider this one of the key documents of the American music underground."
- Byron Coley

A rousing live album from the Rounders featuring songs spanning their careers on both the ESP and Prestige labels. A must-have for any Rounders fan! Digitally Remastered. Booklet with essay by John Kruth.


Indian War Whoop (2:54)
Sweet Apple Cider (3:08)
Soldier's Joy (2:49)
Cocaine Blues (2:43)
Sky Divers (5:04)
Radar Blues (5:36)
The I.W.W. Song (4:06)
Football Blues (1:45)
Bay Rum Blues (2:16)
Morning Glory (0:40)


Peter Stampfel - Electric Fiddle, Vocals
Steve Weber - Guitar, Vocals
Lee Crabtree - Piano, Organ
Sam Shepard - Drums
Antonia, Barbara & Wendy - Vocals

Dr. Jackson Illusion - Producer
Richard Alderson - Engineer
Tom Abbs - Production Coordinator
Miles Bachman - Design/Layout

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