The Homeless Gospel Choir

The Homeless Gospel Choir "Curt Large Demos" 12"

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**Curt Large Demos LP (demos of the entire album), limited to 500 copies and not available in stores

Paranoid and lazy, never knowing who is your friend and who is just watching a screen, never really hungry and never satisfied. Fever Dreams and Daymares of Family Dinners with the network news so loud you can hear the white noise pop like firecrackers. Floating through this dimension on the path of least resistance, unnoticed and unbothered til you’re old enough to die. The pitiful fantasy of having people cry at your funeral, while your spirit watches from the rafters. Feeling lost in your body like a ghost under a bed sheet.

Fourth Dimension Intervention, by The Homeless Gospel Choir, was recorded over five days in August 2021 at The Lodge KY by John Hoffman. It's the first album to feature all five members of the band, the first self produced album, and the first full length to be released by Don Giovanni.

1.Brainwash Brainwash (Demo)

2.Future Ghosts (Demo)

3.THJFAB (Demo)

4.Politics On Holidays (Demo)

5.A Chameleon, Sometimes (Demo)

6.Hey Judas (Demo)

7.New Bomb (Demo)

8.Ripoff (Demo)

9.Cow People (Demo)

10.Leaving Hazelwood (Demo)

11.Never Too Old (Demo)

12.Election Season (Demo)

Release date: September 2, 2022

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