The Maglory Dengluch

The Maglory Dengluch "The Maglory Dengluch" 2xCD

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Originally released in 1969 in a quantity so low that it was once rumored to not even exist. While groups like The Holy Modal Rounders were turning traditional American folk on its head in the states throughout the 60s, The Maglory Dengluch’s approach took influence from the Scottish and Irish. Armed with banjos, tin whistles, kazoos, and jugs they recorded the now infamous album to tape. Officially released for the first time since the storied 99-copy, 1969 run on the long defunct Granta label, it includes exhaustive new liner notes from the band and a download card with the entire album as well as five bonus tracks.

2xCD version includes the original album AND their 2012 album Back From The Dead.


Disc One:
1. Leezy Lindsay
2. They'll Never Get Their Man
3. Eileen Og
4. Spend My Money Along With Sally Brown
5. Flowers In The Valley
6. The Medley
7. Log Cabin Home In The Sky
8. O'Carolan's Concerto
9. Come By The Hills
10. My Dearest Dear
11. Summertime
12. The Curragh of Kildare
13. Roddy McCorley (bonus track)
14. Jenny's Welcome To Charlie (bonus track)
15. Johnston's Motor Car (bonus track)
16. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (bonus track)
17. John Wesley Harding (bonus track)
18. Sullivan's John (bonus track)

Disc Two:

1.We Haven't Made A Record (In the Last 40 Years)

2.Over The Hills and Far Away

3.The Two Devines

4.Bean Páidín

5.Hills Of Greenmore

6.Ballinalee Fair

7.Hard Times Come Again No More

8.Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild, Women

9.False Footrage

10.New Fool at an Old Game


12.Tibiwere/Long Way To Tipperary

13.I Still Miss Someone

14.Whiskey in the Jar 

Recorded in the Graduate Centre, Cambridge, October 1969
(Engineers: Pete Shiston and David Bott).
There were originally 99 vinyl copies.

Kerry Kehoe-vocals, kazoo
Pete Crowther- guitar, mandolin, harmonica
John Paterson-guitar
Michael Walsh-banjo, tin whistle, harmonica,kazoo, jug

Release date: January 20, 2023

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