Up Around The Sun

Up Around The Sun "Self Taught" 12"

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Up Around The Sun consists of Tim Kerr on guitar and harmonica, and Jerry Hagins on banjo with assorted friends and extended family. Take a clawhammer banjo playing old-time tunes backed with an open D tuned guitar playing a style that might usually be found backing Irish tunes and you get an instrumental soundtrack that was once described by one listener as Windham Hillbilly.

1. Ida Red
2. Little Rabbit
3. Long Steel Rail
4. Follow the Buffalo
5. Horny Ewe
6. Crook Brothers Breakdown
7. Going Back to Hamburg
8. Last Indian
9. Late For The Dance
10. Walking in the Parlor
11. We'll All Go to Heaven When the Devil Goes Blind
12. Sally Johnson
13. Last Chance
14. Molly Put the Kettle On

Friends who played on this with us:
Tim Wooten plays fiddle on Little Rabbit and Sally Johnson.He got the tunes from his grandfather who spelled Wooten with an A.
Angie Wooten plays second banjo on We will All Go To Heaven When The Devil Goes Blind
Beth Chrisman plays fiddle on Crook Brothers Breakdown, Walking In The Parlor, and Molly Put The Kettle On.
Jaie Devore plays fiddle on We will All Go To Heaven When The Devil Goes Blind

All was recorded by Jason Morales at his BBQ shack in 2019

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