Vacation "Candy Waves" CD

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Vacation’s second full-length is full of aggressively addictive tracks that shift between explosive bursts of guitar feedback and hooky shout-alongs. A no-filler record of simple melodies under blown-out high-distortion; lyrically, it’s a more personal record than the outward-looking self-titled. “Because we acted like saviors / who practice bad behavior / when everything came crashing like a wave,” sings Jerri on the feedback-heavy “Pyro Hippies.” The record was recorded with Patrick Jennings in Bloomington, Indiana in his home studio, using almost every room in the house for tracking the instruments.

1. Pyro Hippies
2. Make A Mess
3. Intstro
4. Straight To My Head
5. SFA
6. Candy Waves
7. Everyone Loves the Sun
8. Cellophane
9. Thick Skinned
10. Feedback Got Me High
11. Horny Politicians

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