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The Maglory Dengluch

"The Maglory Dengluch first flourished in Cambridge in 1968 and 1969. We practised, mostly inspired by songs from groups active at that time in Ireland but little known in England, such as Sweeneys Men, The Johnstons, and Finbar and Eddie Furey. Kerry also had an extensive non-folk repertoire, which found its expression on songs such as those included in The Medley, and Summertime, both on our first album. Our time in Cambridge also coincided with the apogee of ‘hippy’ culture, as well as being a time when folk music was influential on the Charts, causing us to be - rather doubtfully – dubbed as playing ‘Acid Folk Rock’ on more than one website.

Our music then was actually wholly acoustic, with mandolin, 5-string banjo, tin whistles, harmonicas (and of course the occasional jug; and, when we could not hide it from him, Kerry on kazoo) supplementing two acoustic guitars. Another feature of the band’s performances was intervals for retuning, when Kerry would regale the audience with stories. We had a problem, in that the tin whistles and the harmonicas had different pitches, so that if we switched from one to the other in a live performance the various stringed instruments had to be re-tuned. This had a material effect on the order in which the songs were played!

The formal album which is now reissued was produced by the long defunct Granta Records label, in one session, just before Kerry left Cambridge. Ninety-nine copies were made. This figure came about because albums selling more than 100 were subject to a tax, which we could not afford. Friends at Cambridge helped with the screen-printed cover, and after a delay of several months, about 90 were sold to friends and families at £1, two shillings, and six pence a copy."

-Michael Walsh