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Up Around The Sun

Up Around The Sun consists of Tim Kerr on guitar and harmonica, and Jerry Hagins on banjo with assorted friends and extended family. Take a clawhammer banjo playing old-time tunes backed with an open D tuned guitar playing a style that might usually be found backing Irish tunes and you get an instrumental soundtrack that was once described by one listener as Windham Hillbilly. Out of Tim Kerr’s prolific musical career he is probably best best known for the punk band The Big Boys formed in 1978 with Chris Gates and Randy “Biscuit” Turner. Although the band only lasted 6 years they were applauded by many for being one of the most influential bands on the Texas Punk scene mixing funk, soul and rock into their frenetic live performances. The bands on Tim’s lengthy roster include Poison 13, the funk of Bad Mutha Goose & the Brothers Grimm, The Monkeywrench, Jack O’Fire, Lord High Fixers…and more. One thing that many people mention about Tim is his love of community and how his DIY self-expression has influenced many others. His latest project ‘Up Around The Sun’ is an altogether different and more mellow offering that sits nicely alongside his other loves: painting, surfing and skateboarding.

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